Tubular Bells – Re-imagined (2021)

Current projects and bookable events include:

Tubular bells at the Royal Festival Hall August 2021 Statement from Robin.
“The idea of this concert has been in the making since 2014 when Mike first mentioned the idea of a performance of Tubular Bells with a more theatrical, dramatic presentation with live musicians and possibly dancers or acrobats. 
Mike would not be performing but he’s certainly he has been at the helm with creative ideas and encouragement. 
So we are here with the performances that will start at the Royal Festival Hall in August and it’s very exciting.  We have a huge budget and a beautiful arrangement of the work which follows every single note that Mike recorded and played whilst adding colours and textures to make the evening an event that won’t be forgotten.
 I remember when we performed Tubular Bells II at Edinburgh, how amazing the visual everything was and how Mikes music really came to life with colour and performance; and of course this came even more to life at the Olympic opening ceremony which was an incredible evening.
Everyone may be a fan of Tubular Bells but none more so than me, it has been a major part of my life since I first heard it. I feel privileged to have worked with Mike over the years and my respect is unwavering, so I do hope that you will all support this wonderful concert that we hope will serve to continue the extraordinary legacty of Mike’s unique and fabulous composition. 

 I know many have said, oh it’s not the anniversary – obviously not, we all know that,  but I am hoping that on the anniversary itself in 2023 this work will have grown and grown to such an extent that it would be included in the Proms and be performed at the Albert Hall and recognised as one of the most important compositions of the 20th century as well as still holding a major influence well into the 21st.”

Passcia – A modern day cantata for choir, orchestra and dancers.

Edward Lear – An event of music/visuals/spoken word.

Le Weekend – Cinematic, atmospheric suite for piano and orchestra.

Swords, Thrones & Fantasy – A 90 minute concert of cinema/gaming music.