Working with Tony Visconti, Legendary producer of David Bowie; T-Rex and Roxy Music was pivotal. I first met Tony when he was producing Thin Lizzy and I was employed as a keyboard player but he quickly recognised my scope and within a short time I was recording with orchestras as the arranger. The first album for Elaine Paige was an unforgettable experience where I was given a clean slate to create arrangements with a live rhythm section. That turned out to be ‘Stages’ a pivotal album for Elaine and it opened my eyes to the fact that I could use all my abilities whether with individual musicians or mass choirs and orchestras. Utterly brilliant. We worked together over the next years with Linda Mcartney; Marc Levoine; The Moody Blues and so many more.Tony is an amazing man and as a producer makes everyone work with ease and at the top of their abilities. With Greg Walsh I arranged for the legendary artist, Lucio Battisti; Paul O’Duffy; Swing out Sister; Pete Walsh – Alphaville and Stevie Wonder. Producers, Don Reedman and Nick Patrick have given me a huge opportunity to utilise all my abilities as an orchestrator and programmer with projects ranging from Classic Rock to the current albums with the RPO including Elvis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and most recently The Two Cellos and Stjepan Hauser.


I have composed for many artists across all genres form Classical to Jungle. Although I had a classical background I’ve always particularly loved Jazz and Funk. I have written for so many artists from The James Brown Band; Earth Wind and Fire; Gladys Knight; Al Jarreau; Philip Bailey and Phil Collins to pop bands like Five Star; Junior Giscombe and Alison Limerick. My passion for the classical world has allowed me the pleasure of composing for Andrea Bocelli; Lucianio Pavarotti; Robert Alagna; Michael Crawford and Jose Carreras. Most recently I have fulfilled another dream of composing for myself and my album, Le Weekend which is regularly featured on classical radio.

Musician and Conductor

I was so lucky to start fresh from the Royal College of Music to become the pianist and arranger for NYJO. I was part of the orchestra at the same time as some great musicians such as Guy Barker, Chris Hunter and Steve and Richard Sidwell. I recorded for so many from Bros to Def Leppard. I was asked by Mike Oldfield to organise the premier of Tubular Bells II at Edinburgh Castle. It was an amazing occasion and utilised all facets of the industry from musical knowledge to technical breakthroughs. Consequently we toured the world where I played and conducted at venues like The Albert Hall and Carnegie Hall. With the success of the Elvis with the RPO albums I have been conducting these concerts all over the world .


Currently I am arranging for Stjepan Hauser for his Classic Two Album following the success of Classic One, and also for the 2Cellos for their concerts and albums. I am performing more and more and am very proud to be involved in a theatrical performance of Tubular Bells at the Royal Festival Hall – in August 2021 and the 2023 Tour. I continue to work with dance acts such as Planet Funk and Goldie to add musicality to beat based music which is truly a blast and it was a joy to perform at the legendary Ronnie Scotts with Goldie performing Subjectives.