A selection of music for cinema/TV

Music carries you somewhere. It can wrap its arms around you; conjure up instant happiness and energy. It can take the sun from the sky; turn rain into floods, soft images into terror. 

If you’re lost in the heavy mists of a mood or a place. You may be in a shadowy, dark wood; a lonely room; mid break-up.

If you’re walking in the wind along a pavement grubby from the night before; you’re on a coastal path in first light on a February day with the sea howling at you.

You’re walking with someone you love – the skylarks a wonderful mystery above you. Swallows chasing the insects and all around you overwhelming beauty.

You can cut the tension with a knife. An ordinary street turns to something sinister and threatening; a face you know turns strange and ugly.

Good music can replace words; create drama; take the air from a room; send the clouds scudding.