New release

‘PEACE’ from Tubular Bells Album by Mike Oldfield. 

Arrangement by Grammy Nominated (2022) musician/composer,   Robin A. Smith

One of the most haunting melodies from this Tubular Bells album, ‘Peace’ arranged by Robin A. Smith and exquisitely played by Cellist,  Kwêsi Edman is available as a single from 24th January 2022.

Visuals from Slad Valley in Gloucestershire – once home to Mike Oldfield and synonymous with poet & author, Laurie Lee. 

This single is taken from Robin’s forthcoming album, Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary celebrating the landmark time since Mike Oldfield first composed it. The arrangement was prepared for the 2021 Tubular Bells Anniversary Concert performed at Southbank in August 21 and is available from  24 Jan, 2022 .

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