Tubular Bells -The Anniversary Concert

It’s amazing to think that it’s only just over a month to go before the final rehearsals for the concert. Nearly 8 years in the making from the original idea to what will be an extraordinary concert, beautiful and hopefully so rewarding for the audience. I couldn’t be more proud for what myself and Sallie have achieved here. Sometimes it seems like it might just be a pipe dream but here we are almost ready to go. I have some fantastic musicians around me they are all wonderful wonderful human being and that’s what’s going to make it so special. Fiery angel and Michael Stevens have been extremely supportive and it’s so exciting.

I have many friends around the world who want the best for this concert so over the next few weeks with the lead up I will try and document where we are and what we’re up to.

Next week we sort preparations for the filming of the documentary of the making of the show which will take us right up to the premiere performance at the Royal Festival Hall. The documentary will show how I started with the initial programming of the music and the reimagining of this most beautiful piece of music that I have loved all my life. And I do hope that the spirit of this new work will live on and show mike oldfield as being one of the great great English composers which he surely is so I’ll leave it there and fill you in on what’s going on day by day.

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